Refining design idea and model

After finishing our dirty models and selecting our design idea we decided to go with the design with the more lateral effect, taking one small inspiration that created a particular element of the building and working with that. The roof of the Notre Dame Du Haut was inspired by air foils, propellers, blades sails etc. From that we created a chair with the inspiration of a sail.

Final design idea

From our original design, we came up with alternative suggestions, such as removing or adding particular bits to the design. The original design of the sail chair the arm rest had fabric incorporated into it, we decided that this would be too much for the simplicity our client insisted on and that we could really emphasize on the small decorative features that remain within the wood instead. Whilst removing one element we decided that it would be a nice touch to incorporate some print techniques influenced by the chapel. We plan to incorporate this into sail, the part where the client will sit. The print has been inspired by the windows within the chapel and will be a irregular random pattern similarly to the building. My plans for the prints are to keep it simple and elegant.

Fabrics and Print 

My ideas are to experiment with white on white, devore and foil. At the moment we are more towards the idea of devore as I feel this can capture the effect of the windows a lot better than the other print techniques. However along with this process the material will be taught across the chair and as the chemical process within devore it will gradually burn away some fibres leaving a mesh effect behind so the strength within the material will become weaker, because of this we have come up with an alternative such as white on white on a canvas as this material naturally has more strength than a devorable velvet. However we will be experimenting with creating a layer behind the velvet devore so the strength within the materials will remain.

As our brief suggests that materials will have to be up-cycled or recycled, the layer that will sit behind the velvet will be curtains. We decided that curtains would be a good idea purely because they tend to be of a heavy weight material that could hold a lot of weight and remain structure.

Refined model making

After our cardboard mock up had been created we began to work out the ergonomics of our chair, including angles of seat, arm rest, height etc. We did these measurements based on the average height and used a regular chair for our height of the chair. Once this was done we created a small version of our chair using the laser cutter. This was great because we could visually see how our chair was going to look, however during this we did come across a few problems. Firstly the structure and stability of the chair was becoming a problem. The chair at this point did not offer enough support and with all the parts of the chair cut out, we did not have enough material. To address this problem we refined the designs and took away some elements to allow us more material, once we done this we then created a slot at the front and back of the chair, this automatically gave the chair more stability. Secondly we wanted to add a deeper angle to wear the person would sit as at this point it was too laid back. As well as this we made some slight adjustments to the way the support of the sail would sit on the frame and again created more structure. After all of these adjustments, decision making and planning we have addressed are problem and will create the new final version.

The day was very productive yet tedious however we are pleased these problems have arose now rather than later on in the project. Our action plan from here now will be to create and sample fabrics and experiment of combining both our recycled fabric with the devore fabric.




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