Making dirty models

Following on from our dirty sketches our next step was to create dirty models. These are rough models that show our hand drawn designs in a physical dimension. As previously experimenting with some other line drawings and rough sketches through using wire and plane, we then took what we learn’t within that workshop through to this stage of making some of our potential design ideas come alive.

After yesterday we discussed some potential ideas to carry out because of this it had made today’s deadline to present four design ideas and four dirty models a lot easier as we were both aware of some ideas we wanted to take forward. We agreed that some ideas created looked better in our heads and found that at times it was hard to explain what we both meant in our heads and finding that we did visualize some elements in a different way, however this was not a problem because it worked out better in some designs.

Once our designs were onto paper we than began taking them through to a small 3D version. I started with our design of the asymmetric chair inspired by the asymmetric light that shines through the irregular shaped windows within the chapel in Ronchamp. The idea was displayed through creating different heights with all elements on the chair minus the legs as this virtually impossible.

The materials I used to show this was card and a glue gun, creating a plane model. The pattern on the chair was simply cut out rectangles and squares to replicate the irregular windows. If this chair design was to be successful we would laser cut pieces out and engrave in other areas. The mistake I made during this process was constructing the chair together before creating the pattern on each piece, finding it a lot harder to do than what it would be if I had done it beforehand. I have learn’t from this and it has now made me realise small elements, print pattern, design etc would have to be created before constructing the chair.

When constructing our chair designs we didn’t manage to get all of them done to the level we had anticipated, some designs weren’t great and didn’t particularly give our designs justice as we were rushing some of them. To solve this our plans for tomorrow are to finish our rough models to a better standard that will coincide along with our drawings better.

To continue through out the day we have virtually decided on our favorite chair design and our plans are to draw up alternatives and different design ways and elements of this chair, to then present to one another tomorrow (18.11.15) and combine ideas or choose the best chair design. Once we have done this we are then ready to think about scale, construction, materials and creating a prototype.




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