Chair development

After meeting up with my partner to discuss further progress within designing chairs we have come to the conclusion that we are going to base our chair designs on our clients favorite place to be which is Le corbusiers – ‘Notre dame du haut’ chapel and/or for his love for long drives, motor racing and cars.

Also today we had discussed potential ideas and materials that could then be incorporated into chair designs, from this we decided that we will draw some dirty sketches and present them to one another, however before doing this we decided that it would probably be best to see what materials we can source and see what the potential outcomes could be with what we have got. Deciding this would be best to do  before drawing up designs because the materials used will have to recycled or up-cycled materials and/or objects.

For me, as a textiles student I find this a slightly different way of working purely because materials that I use are easier to get hold of and can almost guarantee that they will be around somewhere, so for me design processes such as patterns come first and then I experiment with other materials to see what works best. But I do see how this way of work will work out better for us and will help us home in on our decisions before getting carried away and finding out we only have a week to create something that is virtually impossible to get hold of and is free of charge.

I have found myself so far on top of this project and pleased with how things are going. Our plans for tomorrow and for the rest of this week is to find a range of materials that we could potentially use within our chair inspired by either the church or cars,we then want to experiment with materials and designs within them and by Friday we plan to have our final design ready to begin prototypes etc



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