‘Are you sitting comfortably?’ introduction

After being delivered our brief for the next five weeks for ‘are you sitting comfortably?’ we soon began the process to designing and creating our own chair.

We began with our partners, we started getting to know each others strengths and how we together as a team can combine our techniques and knowledge to create this chair. I feel that being partnered with Tim is a great advantage as he is a product design student and has knowledge about the materials and machines that will help bring this chair to life. I feel equally as useful purely because I enjoy interior design and my use of knowledge with fabrics can also be incorporated within design.

From this initial stage we began to draw 3D and measure all angles of a variety of chairs. This was good so we could see how these measurements work and how important they will become when it comes to designing prototypes and our final. However what I did find difficult about this progress was drawing in 3D, I didn’t think this would be this hard, however I haven’t really been in much situations within my discipline where I’ve needed to draw 3D designs, so I believe this was all about practice.

To put in some practice our next task was to draw a vast amount of line and plane drawings of chairs to then take further into into wire models for the line designs and card designs for the plane designs. I found the line drawings fairly easy to draw but again with the plane designs I found this slightly harder . I did do some in my spare time and found my designs were clearer when I could spend more time concentrating on how this was going to work in 3D.

Our plans for tomorrow are to draw out a few designs following on from our interview with Steve Thompson and bring them to the table on Thursday (12.11.15) and focus on the ones we like and talk about how we could potentially combine some elements that we like of each? how we can combine both textiles and product design? and how we could make our designs to represent some elements from the interview response. Although this is the first week of this project I am completely aware of how important time management is purely because of the speed this is already taking off at. Sticking to personal deadlines as well as deadlines set within uni is something we both have agreed to follow and bare in mind.


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