1960s screen prints

After moving on from stitch are next work shop session was print again I was excited to begin this as I had the opportunity to revisit some of my favorite print techniques starting with screen printing.

I was glad to start screen printing after stitch because it allowed me to start researching further into my theme and figure out what designs or patterns I could really experiment with to replicate the 1960s rather than something that has already been done. I thought about potential designs and ideas and then I thought about materials and fabrics. As I wanted to design for a night club the materials I mainly focused on were light weight chiffon and satin. The material aspect is just as important to me as the prints that will go on them, they have to work together to create the effect you want.Using my colour board  as my main inspiration I used colours such as grey, blues and incorporated some foils for texture and effect. I also experimented with another colour way that was still within my colour board and this was orange, white and white puff.

DSC_0227 DSC_0228

The prints above are the first I experimented with onto a light weight sheer fabric. The designs are created from a rubbing various rubbings of house walls and floors. I felt that this was a good idea that it could represent the 60s space age well if using the correct colours and I was sure I could get some great patterns from these if they came through on the screens well. I was lucky and they came through well creating this unique abstract feel to my designs.


I experimented using a blue over the two shades of grey however this was not as successful as I thought it may have been, I think this was because it was the wrong shade of blue. perhaps if it was not so much of a flat colour and it was a darker blue perhaps this could of worked, although I do think the foil worked best.

I then experimented with my next colour way, orange and white. DSC_0225 DSC_0224        I feel that this colour way gives off a more delicate feel however I am slightly unsure that there is a lot of empty space and although they I don’t want them to be over busy I would like them to become slightly more busy, for this I think another colour or texture would be added and that is where I came to introduce white puff, this would still keep the simplicity but feel the space with more texture. I felt like this worked well however it did not puff as well as expected.

Once I had experimented with white and orange I wanted to experiment with white on white fabric, so you could still see the design but only slightly. I was pleased with the result and I feel like with this design it works closely to the sophisticated style that my chosen company Zinc textile produce. I feel that because the white on white worked well, I am sure that if I experimented with devore this could equally work as well making my designs more delicate and sophisticated to suit my customer and market profile.

My next step with the designs I have already created is to take some further into stitch adding an extra layer of texture. I would like to use the pin tucking foot to create height and perhaps experiment more with some free machining.


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