Design away – Cameron Tonkinwise

Reading this article made me realise about the destruction that comes along with creativity and how destruction can be prevented through out all disciplines of art and design.

“The essence of design ethics lies in the fact that no act of creation can avoid also being an act of destruction”

This is suggesting that designs can be materialistic and are only ever made to societys demands, products are made because some designers assume that is what we need within our lifestyles because of the way we live our lives. When designing a product it can be quick, to gather materials for a wooden bench or table we don’t have to look far however the long term effects are much greater, because of the high demand for these designs, the environment becomes destroyed, effecting not only us but all animals that live within that area.

In theory the idea is that we ‘design something into existence’ something that people can adapt to, something that will become valuable. Although destruction to the environment is not good, it is virtually impossible to create something without some of it, the idea is occasional destruction. This suggests that initially the product may begin through slight destruction but eventually the destruction within the product will override and the product will become sustainable and effective.

“if it has significant value, it will offer that ecosystem and practices involved in that work value”

Overall this article is suggesting to consider the environment and its contribution to the ecosystem when designing. I believe that their is a naive take on things when it comes to something we want in our homes we become selfish and do not consider other effects. We have lost an attachment with the environment when it comes to designing products.

As a textiles student reading this I think it is very important to remain sustainable and true to the environment. When it comes to selecting fabric and dyes I believe it is good to way out the other options, for example natural dying of fabrics is more sustainable than chemical based powders for the environment and human health. Re-using and re-cycling materials, papers, metals are not all a waste they can always contribute to a new design or product. For me this is about taking responsibility for your actions and if something has been destroyed through design ask yourself questions, how can you make it more sustainable? how can you make this product last longer? and how could I use these materials/scraps again later on?


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