Archaeologies of the present


This is a small poem about six blind men and elephant, all feeling a part of an elephant and then describing it as something they know. This poem is about perception.

These blind men are basing each part of the elephant on their experiences, however the interesting part is that they can not see so therefore how do they know that this is what this part of the elephant looks like and how can the associate the name and the item together. This suggests that everything can be perceived differently, that there is no one right answer for what something is or how it can be interpreted, the experiences we have are all different to what someone else may experience based on upbringing, cultures etc. This is what helps create a person and create personality. There is no absolute truth, there is more than one way of viewing understanding things.

This eventually leading onto international picture language (ISOTYPE text) and how the understanding of pictures and small diagrams help people communicate and get by through their day if they are in an unfamiliar place. Which to a certain extent is true however this could be because it has been westernised and worked towards our demands and needs and we don’t see or know anyone else’s interpretation of these signs because it is what we know, perhaps making us slightly narrow minded in the aspect that we do not leave room for any cultural adaptations and a different way of living or understanding something.


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