designing moodboards

When creating mood boards I find this is a really good way to help me stick close to my design brief and to ensure my samples produced will be a good representation of my mood boards as I will use all of these to help me design any prints or patterns, using this boards as a way of reflecting.


The first board created was the theme. The theme I have selected for my hypothetical design brief is the 1960s. This board will consist of all the main events and inspirations that happened within the 60s. However the space age, futuristic element will remain more prominent as this the route I will be taking through with my designs.


In order to have a flow with these boards, my colour board and theme board need to work together. This would help set the scene and people will be able to see my potential thoughts and the path I am to take. With my colour board I think it is important for it to remain fun and textural, so to carry this out I cut my pictures in slightly different ways and included small thread samples, so people can touch and interact with my board.


My client board consists of two companies that I have chosen to work next to for my hypothetical design brief and are the two companies that describe best what I want to also carry out. These are Zinc textile and Barbara Hulanicki. These both have collections with either the 1960s or 70s. These companies will remain a high influence to me throughout this project due to their print processes and colour palettes.


The last and final board created was a customer profile board. This was to highlight the type of customer I wish to design for. So this included images of a particular lifestyle I thought suited best with my designs, usually I would prefer to do this the other way round, other than taking guesses and assuming. The type of customer I am aiming my designs at are the middle/upper class business men and women, who have an interest in design and futurism.


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