1960s design brief

After falling in love with Zinc textile at Chelsea design show I had decided that my main inspiration for this module will be Zinc textile. I loved their designs and their professional lay out, keeping their designs young and fun in a classy way. This is something that I would love to produce eventually through my designs. Their techniques and processes are all elements I will include with my designs.

The 1973 collection being my main inspiration for this module, I decided to take a similar route of the 1960s, focusing on the space age influences. After researching in to them more and seeing how they portray their designs within interior I found that I wanted to go down the route of public interiors and potentially design for a night club. I had figured that these designs were more extravagant and fun for them to remain in home for only your family to see was not what I would like to do. To be displayed in a nightclub these designs would be respected and appreciated by my customer profile.

The two main processes that I would like to help represent my path of the 60’s are, screen printing and shibori. I would like to use screen print as a base and layer with textures such as flock and foils. I would also like to use shibori and dying my own fabrics as a way of bringing three-dimensional elements in my work. These processes will be involved in soft furnishings such as cushions, upholstering and wallpapers as well as considering lighting, tables etc.

For me this module is about experimenting in representing another time and creating designs suitable for public interiors that suit the type and style of my customer profile board.


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