Digital Embroidery

To begin this term I am starting my first workshop in stitch. This gave me the opportunity to practice some the techniques I had learn’t last year and also allowed me to learn a new technique, digital stitch.

Although we had previously done a bit of digital stitch, we revisited it again more in depth and thorough as we had already visited this before I wasn’t so apprehensive to start it again because I was aware of the basic tools.

By bringing in our own images we were then able to create various effects on digital software such as different ways of shading and how to create different motif patterns within certain areas of an image. The images that I had brought in were, a leopard, moon and a martini cocktail glass. Originally starting with the leopard with the intentions to mostly use this as a satin fill in bright bold colours to coincide with the trend predictions of WGSN, however after having a few suggestions it was decided best not to do that as it would look too thick in stitch and the details of the face would not be as prominent, after taking that feedback I decided to use basic outlines using left or right click for a straight or curved line to give the leopard shape and details within the face, for the spots I came to the conclusion to fill the spots with a patterned motif fill.

However once I had completed this I didn’t feel like it was the best design and it did not give the effect I had wanted. I believe for my first digital stitch design I started in the deep end with a complex image. So after I had decided that it was too complex I moved onto one of my more simpler designs such as the martini glass. I had chose this martini glass for potential designs for a night club. This design had proved more simple than than the leopard and I was able to use the bold satin fills that I wanted without it looking too powerful. I used the basic outline for the glass and stick and then used a satin and embossed fill for the three olives on the stick and repeated this pattern into three.

Eventually I was happy with the end design, however I do think digital embroidery is something that will come with practice after being so used to creating straight lines or curved lines by hand or on a machine it was slightly harder to create them using a computer. I also think that it is harder to imagine what your digital designs will look like from screen to fabric and how the colours on the screen will differ to the colours that will actually stitch. These are things I think I will eventually come to terms with as I continue to progress within digital stitch as this is a technique I wish to develop in.


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