Honeycomb prints

After designing something that would break up my designs and help make them more of a connection I decided that I wanted to take my honeycomb print further into a print process. This was another way to see my final design onto fabric to help visualise the potential of a print that originated from a computer screen.

DSC_1149Beginning with devore. I have been keen use this process within this theme the most because I believe it enhances the delicacy within the theme. This print did not come out perfectly due to some spillages being made to my original design that has then been carried through to the screen.

The problems that occurred during this process was selecting the correct fabric for elements of the design to burn through the fabric. This worked on mostly synthetic fabrics and did not succeed on any others.

I also learn’t that the devore paste does not last long. After doing a third design for devore where I overlayed more of the pattern on top of one another, that when it came to washing the paste out that it did not remove any of the fibers of the fabric, only removing the heat set paste.


Next I played around with flock, I am pleased with the textures of flock and I feel that it resembles a bee. I had chosen yellow so it would run alongside all of colour palettes and designs.

However I feel like this is the wrong shade of yellow for my theme, I think it looks like it would belong in a kids toy room, resembling building blocks etc. If there was a different shade of yellow I feel like I could of created the textural effect I was after.

Once I had exDSC_1150perimented with flock I then experimented with foils to see if i could get the look I had imagined as in comparison to the flock the shade is different and hoped it would look more appealing.

Out of all three I am mostly pleased with the foils. I like how all of the foil has not remained crisp as natural honeycomb is not defined edges are rough and uneven. However if I was to do this next time I would use a lighter weight fabric purely because I think it would tye in the effect I am after.


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