digital summary

Overall in digital I have enjoyed this learning curve; I have built a confidence with photoshop and illustrator that a couple of weeks ago I never thought I’d have. I have learn’t tools and techniques that will continue to help me within future designs, broadening my knowledge to different ways to create repeat patterns and how you can incorporate techniques I have learn’t in subject, term 1, such as devore, foils and flock.

I managed to perfect and find a technique I enjoyed most, this was drawing over images. I think it is a good way to create a realistic image to then later adapt or manipulate.

I have learn’t and overcome problems that I am now aware of. I have particularly learn’t how to address a problem within either photoshop or illustrator by using certain tools, in my case; scanning in hand drawn pictures in to work side by side with my brief.

Although I have always been aware of the importance of remaining side by side with your brief after reading books and regular tutorials I have now understood the importance of remembering to refer back to your brief. I feel that this has helps enhance your work just in case you have missed/forgotten anything and I also feel that it helps to rain yourself back in as previously noted that I have found it easy to wonder off into new, irrelevant designs.

I have been also introduced to new techniques during this term such as laser cut and digital embroidery, both of which I am fond of and keen to learn more and become better at, particularly in digital embroidery in my second year of textiles.


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