6 final designs

After experimenting with various techniques on my theme of a bees. It now came down to selecting my final six designs for presentation.

When selecting my final designs I found it hard, this was because of wanting my six final designs to look like a collection and to fit within the theme. I found that the first set of bees created on illustrator looked too graphic for my theme but I soon resolved this by scanning in my hand drawn bees and then editing and adapting on photoshop/illustrator. I felt that this worked better within my chosen theme, which then led to be selected for my final designs.

However my next problem within these designs was making them work together as a selection using the right processes as suggested by my brief, 4 illustrator and 2 photoshop. I found first of all my designs did not work as a collection, I felt that you could not distinguish any slight differences. However to resolve this situation I thought about the habitat and roles of within a bees to then include within my six designs. These ideas eventually became the honeycomb and wings print, some in which I incorporated into other designs, both created on illustrator.

Once I had overcome that problem it was a lot easier to combine all my designs to work as a collection, I felt that having the honeycomb and wings broke the collection up slightly rather  than being over powered and bold with intense designs. The problem within my honeycomb print is that it appears very light on a screen and when printed you can see the lines are very faint, although this appears an issue, I feel as if it works best in comparison to the other designs. ( see technical file) as honeycomb is delicate, lines that are thick would not give it any justice.

Also when designing and practicing for my final collection I found that I could go on and create more designs, either changing slight details within a print or changing it dramatically this also making it hard for my to select a final design.

Creating mistakes had become something I was proud to work with. Slightly rubbing out areas of my design eventually became a repeat of rubbing areas out leaving only some of the remaining bees, I liked this one because I was at the point where I wanted my designs to work all together and began rubbing it out as I did not approve finding that eventually I liked this effect and was a way of remaining my bee theme without displaying whole bees.

I was aware at the beginning of this module the benefits of both photoshop and illustrator, so using this to my advantage I used the benefits of each programme to either draw my designs or scan in a photograph. This then resulting in some final designs to have a combination of both photoshop and illustrator, I feel like I have developed over the past weeks using photoshop and illustrator and is something I am keen to use within the future.


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