Know Your Onions – drew de solo

Since I have been using photoshop and illustrator I have taken on a graphics approach and have kept an eye out for all books related that I think will be able to help me along this digital term.

I have recently come across the book ‘Know your Onions’ which is a book that gives a guide and advice tips towards a designing process, both processes that I have found that work with both textiles and graphics.

DSC_1118This book has helped me in the way I organise myself and plan time towards my projects, but I have I have found it most helpful when reading about colour. Learning more about which colours are more likely to come out more vibrant, what colours are more likely to take longer to dry etc.

It has also helped with understanding the importance of CMYK, knowing that most printing companies and business would use these colour process. As well as learning that it has made me think about presentation of my work and planning for future possibilities.


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