Foiling digital prints

After selecting our an A4 digitial design to print onto fabric, my next plan was to print over the top using a gold foil. I had chosen gold foil as I am fairly confident that it fits in well along side my theme of scanned memory. I had decided that the positioning of the foils was going to be the outline and minor detail of the honey bee, this in which I would put on to a screen to later print over my digital designs.


Using the CMYK colour chart I am pleased to see that my honey bees have printed out the colour I had chosen, seen and worked with on the computer screen. However the process of the digital printing did not come out a success. As the prints were put in to be steamed for to long, other colours had ran and left unplanned marks over my honey bees due to this I feel that they now look messy and don’t look as pure as I had imagined; but I was still willing to work with this as I am pleased with the colour outcome.

Previously when I foiling I had found that not all my foil had stuck so naturally I was nervous when printing. However it had worked well, but not to the extent I had pictured. This was because during the process of exposing my screens my outline on my bees was not dark enough to them become transparent on a screen. Although this happened I do not dislike the overall print as I feel that it the golden elements showing through does lift the honey bees.

As my honey bees did not come as clear as I expected I wish to expose my screen again and practice using the gold foils alone without the digital print. I also would like to experiment with white on white. I definetly think white on white is something I need to try because of my theme, I feel like it could produce a delicate, pure effect.

Also with my field project of technology I had experimented with devore and had produced some nice samples on various fabrics. Some of the fabrics that I believe would work well with my theme and comparing to my field project the honey bees would look good as a devore piece.

I had also mentioned that when designing my bees using processes such as photoshop and illustrator that my designs appeared to graphic for my theme; now I have seen them printed onto fabric, especially the ones above I don’t think that as much, I also think that the gold foils helps tone down the graphic-like honey bees.


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