Considering fabrics

As I am coming further along in this project I am now beginning to consider fabric. What fabric works best with each technique such as devore? what fabric works best with my theme? what fabric will enhance and produce my colour to the maximum? etc.

I start with my theme. I know that my theme primarily is about delicacy. The fabric choices I think are sheer light and elegant.

These fabrics are sheer and light however I do not think they are suitable when it comes to digitally printing on them. To digitally print on to a fabric I think I would like to use a silk because I think this would give the same effect and will remain the colour choice. My theme would not work on a heavy weight material such as canvas.


However I do like these fabrics because of their textures and I think once scanned into either photoshop or illustrator I could create some designs to print on the fabric that is light such as silk but will consist of these visual textures. As we need to have 6 digital designs this will be one I will experiment with to hopefully become one of my 6.


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