Drawing over an image

The next technique learn’t throughout this digital term was how to draw over an image using illustrator. This so far has been the best thing I have learn’t, I feel that the end finish is brilliant and is a good way to view a potential design. This was definitely a starting point to feel more like a textiles designer. Beginning with a photo of myself (see technical file) to play around with the different brush techniques and the possibilities of tools. Once I felt comfortable with this I then began some designs of my own, using images I felt mostly inspired by within my moodboard.

Honey Bee

Moving on to the honey bee, I used similar brushes and tools that I used when drawing of my face. I feel like the different brush types give different effects within a drawing and found that the charcoal brush worked well when doing the legs of the bee as it looked as if they were thin hairs. I also used different sizes of the brush to fill certain areas and using the opacity levels allowed me to define certain areas of the honey bee, which I later used to create a layered print.

I am so far pleased with this honey bee print and would like to see this on fabric, I would like to use a silk fabric or a light weight fabric as I believe the choice of fabric will highly represent my theme. Scanned memory the theme that consists of delicacy.

honey bee black and whiteOnce I had created my first pattern I started another including a background. Between both print designs I prefer the first design as I feel like there is more character and the brushes used can be recognised more clearly.

honey bee backAlthough I still like this design, I feel that it looks boring as there is no interesting repeat pattern. I also feel that the colour choice on this background washes out the bees and they are more distinctive in black and white.

As I am new to illustrator I feel like this is working well for me and I am definitely becoming more enthusiastic and inspired by my own work, I feel that this has come from continuous practice and building up a confidence of playing with new tools.


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