Digital Colour boards

Once completed our moodboard for our chosen theme, the next step was to create a colour board, using our moodboard as colour inspiration. To complete a colour board they have to consist of 4-6 colour swatches, using a pantone colour chart for selection for the exact colour when printed on to fabric, also within the colour board, I used WGSN as my main source of research to think ahead and gather colours for Spring/Summer 16 that work along side my theme. (please see technical file)

I found WGSN a considerably helpful website during my process of digital, allowing me to see print and pattern for all design techniques such as graphics, textiles etc. It is a good way to gain inspiration for future trends and to maintain the right track towards design. The colours that I came across the most were pastels, vanillas and beige. I decided to use these as my main colour choice.

colour palette cmyk labelled

After using WGSN and inspiration from my moodboard, I used the pantone booklet to select a few of my favorite colours that would link well to my theme. I used illustrator to create my colour swatches using the CMYK process.

With the pantone booklet I found it hard to select a colour that linked in with my moodboard and theme rather than colours I liked, I also found that I liked a lot of the same colour, just in different shades and tones, to select only a few different colours became more difficult. However I thought it was best to have a range of colours to work with to create a dimmension of colour.

By learning how to create a new swatch using pantone was incredibly useful as I am able to see a step further into the final design, rather than using a colour that is similar to one in my head, I am able to use an exact colour, feeling confident that through the print process the colour will remain the same. From this I am sure to use pantone colours again.

Final Colourboard

cymk colour boardOnce I have gathered my colour palette together, I began to finalise chosen colours from my previous selection and represented them through my colour board using the images to show this.

I used mainly neutral colours when doing this to represent my research, but I wanted to have a slight of colour still in a pastel form and as the dried flowers have a hint of blue. I used this as my inspiration to choosing blue.

I preferred my moodboard in comparison to my colour board as I felt the colour board limited my colour field when playing around design ideas.

colour board blue and purple As I chose blue as my inject of colour, I then decided to do a colour board based on the colour blue, to evaluate different shades of blue that I liked, finding that the lighter, pastel colour was my favourite, as I already selected in my other colour board.


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