Bumble bee repeat patterns

Using the same technique as before with drawing over an image, I did this again with bumble bees, except this time I wanted to use colour. Using a new technique on photoshop I was able to create new patterns. (see technical file for design process)

First of all on Illustrator I created my bee individually using the same tools, such as the various brush techniques and opacity levels. When selecting my colours for this design idea, I had my scanned memory theme in my mind, using only pastel/light colours. I am pleased with what I have done with these bees; I like the continuous flow and detail however I am slightly concerned that they look too graphic for a delicate textiles surface design.  To address this situation I may use a paintbrush in illustrator to make the bee appear more life-like rather than graphic.

bee bee colour back

bee big print

Today we learn’t how to create repeat patterns through photoshop, using my designs I created on illustrator I used this technique.

line bee print bee half drop

when creating these prints, I used arrows that allowed me to create a direction and pattern with my bees, whether they were half drop or in a line. (see technical file) I am happy with how these have turned out; I can see potential in these designs within wallpaper.


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