Theme and moodboards.

‘Scanned memory’

A simplistic, purer and more ethically correct way of life: away from consumption, stress and rigid must-haves – towards favourites and a genuine feeling of well-being. x-rays/ see through chic/lightness/delicacy.

I have chosen scanned memory for my theme throughout the digital project. As suggested that we look back at our previous sketchbook work from subject in term one I based my theme on a trip to the cathedral where I drew a bouquet of flowers, selecting a few flowers that I liked best. I chose that as my inspiration towards the theme of scanned memory purely because in comparison to my previous work in field my work has been more structural and I thought it would be nice to do something more feminine to then take further into digital.

To kick start off the process to this term I began to use websites such as pintrest to search for images that I think will relate back to my theme to then create a digital moodboard to use for inspiration throughout.

The images I came across were images such as, insect wings, wild mushrooms and the natural patterning, dead flowers, spider webs etc. I found that the ugliest things such as the insects have some of the prettiest and delicate patterns embedded. Something to consider at later stage of designing.

Once I selected these images I then took them through to photoshop to create a moodboard. With the tools and techniques that we learn’t previously, I used in my moodboard, this was the gradient and transparency effect. I felt this was a good way to overlay and create a flow between all images as they all combine easier. Completing this on photoshop became more of a success than I thought and quickly became pleased with my outcome, I feel like my moodboards were good because I think the tools I was using such as the transparency allowed me to have control over the image, making an image appear more delicate. Although during this I found that it was very time consuming, nearly taking a whole day to complete one board. I found that this was time consuming because of the positioning of each image, placing it within the moodboard is important, I wanted the images to connect and interact with the others. On the other hand once completed I now feel more confident with these tools and techniques to continue to use within mood and colour boards within future projects.

moodboard 3 moodboard floral 2

I liked creating these moodboards digitally as previously mentioned I like the control you have over the images, I like how they combine rather than overlapping one another like you would get if you were to do a moodboard by hand, there is more of a greater picture.

My next step within this digital process is to consider colours ready for my colour boards in which will give me a clear understanding when it comes to designing potential patterns using websites such as WGSN for trend predictions to make sure my colour palette runs along side trends in the market.


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