Digital introduction

During our introduction to our new project, we began to learn the basic concepts with photoshop and illustrator. We began to analyse the differences between the two. Photoshop is good for photo editing, but because it is made up of pixels it is not necessarily good for large scale prints or edits, if this is the case illustrator is more convenient.

We began with photoshop learning the basic tools and got to grips with the layout and procedure of completing a piece of work. (using layers and copying layers for adaption) From learning this we had to complete a few basic prints. I found this process so far straightforward due to being introduced to this within my field work. To a certain extent I am happy with my designs. However some designs I have created seem to be flat within colour. So I think my next step to develop within my designs is to work with a gradient colour as I think this would add depth within my pattern. Although the colours are flat I don’t think they are irrelevant, small illustrative fun designs that I feel can relate with stationary.

After working with photoshop we moved onto illustrator, I found with illustrator that there were a few similarities with photoshop such as the layers, however I did find illustrator slightly more harder to work with simply because I have never been familiar with it. But on the other hand with the inspiration from other digital artists and the recommended books I feel I am capable to understand both.


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