Post subcultural style – Postmodernism

Some would suggest that subcultures such as the Punk, teds, goths etc have disappeared within our society and would argue that more people pick ‘n’ mix from each subculture genre to form their own style. I think the idea of avoiding mainstream culture is still alive but a successful subculture like the goths etc are no longer. People tend to take iconic pieces and form their own identity without being so extreme. Clothing is manufactured; to a certain extent you are told what style is most fashionable this season just by window shopping. I feel like that something drastic would have to be created in order to rebel against society like most subcultures did, as in today’s society people are more open up to difference and are a lot more accepting. 

Postmodernism has broadened my knowledge, it is something I’ve always been keen to bring into my work, in the aspect of working and combining different disciplines within my work. I did this briefly within my field project, by combining elements of photoshop and stitch together and previously within my foundation.

I feel to combine various elements within a piece of work is a good idea because you learn as you experiment, you learn what works and what doesn’t. As a textile student I am interested in textures and often find that most textures I like are associated with with other disciplines, these can range from paint to wood work. Post subcultural style and subcultures has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and note that my work can be excessive, exaggerated and combine elements of other disciplines.


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