Hip-Hop subculture

When reviewing and understanding a subculture, it became clear that when looking hip-hop subculture that although their clothing is iconic, the background they grew up in all have influence within their persona, music and style. To be from a deprived area and to have made it within the music scene creates a theme of clothing that suggests they have made it such as gold chains and branded clothing, but styling it with clothing that suggests they respect where they grew up, for example including graffiti on clothing that was heavily influenced within their area. The D-I-Y (do it yourself) was an influence within hip-hop culture similar to other subcultures such as the punks.

Similar to other subcultures hip-hop subculture too exaggerates and enhances their attire by wearing excessive amounts of jewelry. Jewelry, where they have stolen logos off a car to then make into a necklace/chain, to show their wealth and show that that they don’t fear the consequences.

I think that with a subculture, I have found that although appearance plays a big part, I think the background and history of your childhood also helps play apart in creating a group identity. As most subcultures tend to be young working class, this is not something anyone can involve themselves in and if you have become successful within the music scene with a deprived background, it is their way of showing power and capability to other classes within society, maintaining a social position through success just like other working classes. Another example of this is, The Zoot suit. Through their ways of rebelling they wanted to gain respect through wearing a suit and feel power in comparison to other races and classes.

This has helped me develop my ideas more as a designer. I feel like it has helped me more in the context of research. Research and wanting to find out more on a personal scale,for example taking things further than appearances, I feel like if you take things further, you are able to capture the real point, allowing yourself to be more comfortable with what you wish to portray and that could become clear within your work. I’ve always had an interest within sociology and to combine that with textiles is a good way of creating potential awareness. I feel like it is good to have a piece of work that has a meaning, something that people can engage with and still find attractive.


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