Goth subculture

First of all we began looking into the Gothic subculture, beginning to define what characteristics are within this subculture and where their inspirations come from.

To become a subculture the general idea is to avoid mainstream culture, Gothic culture is a success of this as to an outsider goths tend to wear black clothing, black/vamp make-up, elaborate jewelry and have fetish styles, including both men and women. These are breaking rules within society and prove that this is a success in avoiding mainstream culture, for example, breaking rules within make-up, the general rule within make-up is to wear enough so it looks natural, pure skin and natural eyelashes, however within Gothic subculture, the darker and more unnatural look is much more convenient. To have a running theme of decay and death within your attire is not something that would necessarily conform with society, only within a Gothic subculture.

I also found it interesting that on a gender basis in Gothic culture, the males also wear excess amounts of make-up. I think to certain extent that this to would of been something that would not conform within society a few years ago, now I believe that there is more influence of males and make-up.

Once we got to grips with the characteristics of Gothic subculture we looked into their influences. Gothic subculture took influences of Victorian fashion, otherwise known as ‘victoriana’ . Borrowing items such as the corset and then adapting the corset to suit their appearance as a subculture.

Adapting the corset through the use of material. Changing the materials to PVC something the Victorians would not associate themselves with, I think this is a way of differentiating the two eras/cultures. Using materials such as PVC, shows their love for fetish style clothing and again shows how they were not afraid to break norms within their society as originally corsets were known as underwear not outerwear.

As a textiles student with the love of fabrics, I think that the choice of fabric was carefully depicted to suit the dark vamp style. The choice of PVC does not have elegance or rhythm to the fabric as does original underwear. PVC is tight and has association with fetishes and bondage wear.

If I was to take Gothic subculture as an influence, materials would be a starting point, I would consider heavy weight fabrics and textures such as lace and dark velvet’s. Throughout understanding a Goths wardrobe, for me this has become a way to understand material and fabrics, what fabrics would I use to create the best effect? Like a subculture, what fabric would gain the most reaction? and how would you be able to differentiate the influence and the present?  Fabrics are all a way of creating layer and depth, I feel like Goths succeed in creating layers and depth within their style, by combining vast amounts of fabrics. Textiles is a way of researching materials to work with the best dye technique, to then use the fabric that is most suitable to a sofa, bed or dress.


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