Final presentation – Perceptions

As we come to an end of our project we are now left to present our work, we all found working as a group beneficial towards our next projects over the years as a textiles or graphics designer. We learn’t how to apply techniques from each discipline to our own discipline. I feel if I hadn’t had a head start with photoshop I think I would of found the whole process daunting for next term with digital.

We bounced off each other with ideas and ways to present our work, for example our initial idea was to create an animation, as a textiles student I would of not thought of using an animation as a final piece as fabrics are my zone, but it is joining these groups that opened up my mind as to how I could incorporate fabrics and stitch within an animation or elements of photoshop.

As a group I felt we were excited to begin our project. Our aim was to keep the theme fun, I felt that this worked as you are able to see that within our work with the way we have adapted and changed certain areas of Cardiff, making it appear playful. I,e the submarine. To keep the work fun mean’t that we would enjoy what we are doing, make it easy for us to learn various techniques from the other discipline and bond as a group.

Perception Presentation


We decided as a group to present our work on A1 card rather than a power point, as we have created textures it would work better if they could touch and feel what we have created, rather than imagining what it may feel like.

DSC_0746Overall we received good feedback about our work and it was said that our work was fun and playful by changing and adapting certain areas.

Also during our feedback someone had said that each one did represent the age perception but would be good to consider perhaps a parents perception, as a parents perception would consider all of these things into one. e.g at the train station a parent would become more aware of the dangers and surroundings if they were with a child, whilst trying to keep the experience of a child at the train station fun. I think this would be a good way to continue this project if we were to remain as a group, involving and creating more personas within one image could be fun.

However throughout our feedback it was suggested that we may have created a stereotype towards the adult. Although we did do research within this and majority came back with the similar answers, I think to make our final work more evident. It would be better to gather more qualitative data and ask a wider range of people considering various job titles.


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