Adult and teen perception

After finalising my child perception I quickly moved on to my teen perception of the train station in Cardiff, with similar links and inspiration of Tim Burton I wanted to create a piece that would show a potential dark side to a teenagers life.

Growing up as a teenager you are influenced by school and parents to do well, to go to school and continue to university with perhaps the uncertainty of what it is you want to pursue. This can be a stressful and confusing time growing up, deciding to do something that you will continue to work with throughout the whole of your life can be slightly daunting. As well as trying to find out who it is you are as a person. Tim Burtons way of working with the dark, graphic like drawings and films is something I would like to try and portray in my own way.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUsing photoshop to get the image together, I selected areas then added filters and edited colour. I felt to select loads of areas it would be a good way of portraying these different emotions. The grey and black tones are to represent the confusion through a teenagers growth. I used colour and bright filters because although a teenagers life can be confusing, at the time of a teenager you also experience some of the best times.

The final image of the train reminds me of a weave with the various colours and textures. I believe that if I was to follow the similar colours and play around with various yarns and patterns within a loom, I think it could work well as a textiles piece.

Adult perception

After speaking to various adults within my family and comparing to the others research within our group I have found that most adults don’t seem to take in their surroundings, they are focused to go to work get the job done to then come home and relax (relevant to warm bath theory).

I had noted after speaking to my sister that she has to be told to sit back and take in her surroundings otherwise she just doesn’t notice the design or nature. I also asked her what a train station means to her, she said that as her job entails her to commute most places, a train station is a fast, quick and less stressful.


Taking that on board and using that as my inspiration, I then edited this photo where the majority of the design has been cleared and the only dominant thing within this photo is the train and the train times in the right hand corner. To me these are things that an adult such as my sister may be most interested in.

I also selected and enhanced some of the lines within this photo, for example on the track and on the roof of the platform. I did this because I felt it represented speed. To finalise this image ready for presentation I will stitch over the top as the previous child perception worked well I will do this, however I will only include line, again to represent speed.


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