Understanding a child’s drawing

For our project we concluded that we need to understand the different ages to then create the perceptions, beginning with a child. we had decided as a group to understand a child’s perception we could analyse their drawings, from this we asked younger members within our family to draw.

Maddison castle drawing

In the above picture I had asked my cousin to draw me a picture of a castle, to represent Cardiff castle. It soon became clear that a child would draw from what they imagined rather from what they see, hence the prince and princess. I believe that this is influence from television programmes and films, as Cardiff castle does not have a prince and princess. We had discussed this and decided that the prince and princess were the main focus point of this drawing and a way to perceive a childs imagination.

Screen Printing

Using the prince and princess in the drawing we thought it would be a good idea to transform them into continuous prints.As two members of our group are experienced with screen printing we thought this would be a nice way to use these and give graphics a different way of developing and thinking about their ideas.


In this process we used photoshop. When using photoshop I struggled getting my ideas from my head into a screen, but as a group I developed basic knowledge of the tools within photoshop and was shown how to use photoshop to create continuous prints. This will be helpful to me in the future as a textile designer I like to see how things may look as print to then carry out repeat prints.

To complete the repeat pattern on photoshop we began by bringing both the prince and princess together, to do this we selected each character, moving them onto a new clean page away from the castle background, to then duplicate layers to create the continuous pattern.

The colours we decided to use within our screen prints were relatively flat, as through our colour research we found that children at a young age didn’t associate with different tones of one colour. Our chosen colours were also dependent on representing fun, children are playful and fun, using bright colours is a good way of perceiving a childs lifestyle/age.

I feel like during this part of the project we have worked well together and have learn’t new ways to develop and take our work further from both disciplines, for example, I was shown how to put an idea into photoshop and use different tools to create a variety of versions from one image.


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