Morgans arcade print

As textiles have enjoyed the influences from graphics, we wanted to see if we could take our photographs that we had taken from areas in Cardiff into a print.

We’d often talked about using image transfer as a result of this, using PVA glue, however we did try this and it did not work, we were left with no image. So since this had happened and our new knowledge of photoshop we decided that we could combine screen print and photoshop.

Photoshop was used to create these designs. This was a lot simpler in comparison to duplicating certain areas of an image, in this we only slightly changed the image using a filter and made sure it was thick enough to come through the screen.


When we had screen printed this onto fabric, we felt it worked well as it still maintained the picture and is clear to work out what it is and it gives it a sophisticated design. It was also a nice way for graphics to see a photograph from a screen onto fabric.

Both these images remind me of Andy Warhols work with the small pixels in certain areas and the block colour. If I was to do work with his influence this could be a good way to capture it. They also remind me of aged photographs, perhaps when technology and cameras were not as focused as they are now. You were always able to tell what the photo was, but the megapixels were low and you were left with a blurred photo.


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