Digital Prints

As a way of exploring more of what I had learn’t from graphics and photoshop, we took some of our chosen images for our final piece and played around with them to see what they could potentially look like as a print.


As I had selected the train station to later edit to fit for each age perception, I thought it would be a good way to take what I have learn’t from the others in my group and create some prints, in a similar way to the prince and princesses.


The above image was the first I began to manipulate and transform. I took one element of the train station, cropped it out and began to multiply, duplicate, and overlay. The element I had taken from the train station was the platform.

I really enjoyed this, by playing around it was a good way to understand photoshop and visually see the transformations of the original picture.


Once I had my design set, I began by experimenting with colour, playing around with hue saturation, colour balance and gradients. Highlighting certain colours to make them brighter.


After focusing on this design as a whole I wanted to then duplicate this one image into multiple, so it was continuous and resembled a tile like pattern.


To play around with photoshop was a way of helping me build up confidence and get to grips with some of the tools to then edit my final images of the train station to suit each age.

From this I feel like I am able to play around with various filters confidently, although I feel more confidence in making and editing potential prints, than I do in adapting and playing around with filters for an original image. I think this is because of the way I work as a textiles designer, I like graphic influences but I am not as confident in the work of a graphics designer.

Throughout this group work I have developed a love for photoshop and plan to continue using this. I have been able to learn what it is that I like from a graphics discipline and to apply my textiles knowledge to this, for example,       I would like to digitally print some of this onto fabric.


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