Creating characters

As a way of understanding a childs perception, we began to reflect on our childhood; games and drawings that we used to play and the imagination that played a huge part.

As a group we felt that to understand a childs perception we needed to show something imagination that a child has. So we thought a good idea would be to create a character, where you would fold a piece of paper into five different sections, one person would draw the head then fold it over so the next person would have a clear section with no idea to the previous section. once completed the idea is that you have this character that is imaginable.

DSC_0754 DSC_0752

These are a couple that we had created and as you can see they are unrelated and are fun, from these I took them into stitch, using applique because I thought the applique would add another dimension of fun,using child like materials that would have no relevance to a cats body etc. purposely using different colours.

DSC_0753 DSC_0755


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