London design week

Our trip to London began when visiting Chelsea harbour for London design week. This was a chance to see all well known interior designer show rooms, for a potential textiles designer I really enjoyed this. It was a great way to come into contact with loads of fabrics, rather than just visually experiencing these fabrics, I always found myself touching and stroking various fabrics. I also began to certain styles that artists have and their approach to textile, some designers worked with water colour prints whereas some textile designers worked with textures. I also enjoyed answering my own questions, how are these textures created?  what techniques do I know that can create this effect? How could I adapt this?

Zinc textile- 1973

DSC_0657 DSC_0661

These two metallic like fabrics are designed by Zinc textile, 1973 collection. Influenced by the 70’s where the edge of fashion and interior were pushed, new prints and fabrics were created.

What I love about the 1973 collection is the theme and consistency of colour running throughout. You know you are experiencing the 70’s period, with the metallic and marble patterning, upholstering chairs and bedside furniture. Contrasting metallic fabrics with soft velvet fabric and introducing a slight change of colour such as deep purple or blue helped set the scene of the 70’s.

I found myself hugely inspired, I love the combination of fabrics. The two images above were my favorite fabrics of this collection, reminding me of a disco ball and when upholstered onto a chair it gave it that sophisticated crocodile skin effect.

The techniques I have learn’t could represent this well. I think the use of foiling and devore would work well together, burning out some material and the foiling remaining. Leaving some material transparent would create use of dominance between the two textures.  London design week left me feeling very inspired and will continue to do so with constant referencing to the magazines I picked up throughout.

In line with my current project London design week made me think of ways of creating work with my research into textures. Creating sophisticated prints and how to combine harsh and soft materials together.


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