Textures primary research

It was my personal task to research textural elements within the city to then report back to the group with the work I had produced. I continually took images of the things I became most interested in such as walls of buildings etc. to then carry out my own work from that, that could then be edited in within a final piece of work.

DSC_0635 DSC_0640 DSC_0634

These three images were the textures I primarily focused on. I like the layers they all have whether it is from bark or rust. Although these are not directly from building’s or the unique architecture from around Cardiff centre. I think these could be edited into some buildings in either dramatic or subtle effect to suit the age of perspective.


From the original photographs I had taken I began to play with ways of recreating these textures, as influenced by the rusting of the bars I used the same colour palette. I think this helps identify the influence I have had. To recreate this I painted onto paper using mixed watercolours to get my effect. Watercolours can be easily adapted and changed by adding water. I then after scrunched up my work and started scraping it with a ruler to make it seem distressed. The reason I did this was because the original bars in the photograph are distressed but they still obtain their function as a gate, hence why I did not make any holes as that would be a sign of something that is broken and does not work. I think that these textures would be good to recreate within our final piece because it represents buildings with our city some in which have been there for years, seem distressed but obtain their function. e.g a building that has a function for a bank or retail clothes shop.

DSC_0648To take my textures further I decided to introduce fabric and a technique learn’t last term in my subject area. Painting on to bonder web. Continuing with the same colours I only changed from watercolours to acyrlic paint, this was because acrylic paint has a thicker consistency. I used this technique instead of painting straight on to fabric is because sometimes when peeled off, the paint does not always stick and would give that distressed look I want to create, as you can see this worked in some areas, particularly on the edges. I also like how the colours are enhanced and have not lightened like they would if I had used watercolours. I then stitched into this small sample to add height. As mentioned I like the layers within the photographs, as well as layers of colours, I wanted to add different volumes of height to display this.

DSC_0645 The influence of these textures came from the bark of a tree. Similar reason to the rust, the tree trunk is strong however the layered bark on this tree is fragile. To re create this I began layering thin ripped up pieces of paper. As the bark on the tree was fragile I used paper otherwise I would of opted for a more thicker paper such as card to show this and I believe that card would give it a significantly different style. Again in this using watercolours as with watercolours you have more control.


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