Group crit

Monday morning a few groups came together to discuss our progress as groups and offer feedback to one another.

Our main focus for our group was our outcome and various ways we could present our work with every combination within our group. We had noted that a stop and start animation would be very time consuming to complete with everyone’s personal touch.

Our feedback to solve this was to take still shots of particular areas that interest us within Cardiff city and continue to edit to show the journey. As we are keen to show both an adult and child perspective a fine art student suggested that we get involved with the public and ask children and parents to take the pictures for us, this would be a way of physically showing what a child or adult may see, comparing height and focus of the camera. We were all enthusiastic about this as an idea however we did come across a few ethic issues, due to this we have adapted this idea to asking children within our families to draw from photos of the city to then see what attracts them most within the image or what they imagine to be in the image. Without these ideas we wouldn’t of been able to adapt to suit and fit us.

From these drawn pictures I receive I plan to overlay on top of buildings we have decided on. I feel a starting point would be to practice on paper, perhaps creating collages of these specific areas and then to take some design areas through to image transfer and stitch. I feel like image transfer would be a good way of getting a true perspective of building. As a group we noted that it would be a good for when editing and producing these images that we try to capture the emotion and feelings of these areas. I think that as an older adult this may be harder to do as we are only to rely on research but as from a child and teen (using our child drawings) we have experienced or are experiencing what we feel from these areas within the City.

As a group we have decided that it would be a good idea to choose five interesting points within Cardiff to all take pictures of to later combine and edit.

The five places we decided on were:

  • Train Station
  • Castle
  • Morgans Arcade
  • Queen Street
  • St Davids Food court

I have found Mondays group crit beneficial to us because it allowed us to be put into a wider group with different ideas to completing a final piece. As we were slightly stuck on how we could create our group piece fast and efficiently to be into a group crit with more disciplines helped us to learn how they would approach their project. It was also a good way to listen to other peoples progress throughout the project and think about how some pieces of our work may connect.


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