Combined artist research

Maija Louekari

After we had set ourselves to find an artist that we believe to link well within our project. I had come across Maija Louekari. A textile artist who finds herself creating representations of city life. Some work produced is abstract like the buildings below. This could be a  good route of portraying a child’s perspective of buildings, seeing buildings as an object rather than design and architecture.

I also like the image if the people that seem to be in a city. What I like about this and the connection I see within this field project is the line, the line represents a busy chaotic life of an adult working within the city. This could be a fun way to work with in free machine stitch.

mija louekarimaija lou

Tim Burton

sweeney todd tim burtonss-091118-tim-burton-14ss_full

This artist was researched through graphic design, creating a more dramatic version of adult life. The dark skeleton like bodies could represent the abandoned hope for that adult who is stuck in the 9-5 working office job. This was where I researched into ‘warm bath’ theory. The idea that the family act as a warm bath, after attending your boring 9-5 job, family are there to release pressure and tension you’ve had from work to then encourage you to go the next day as bills need to paid. I think the warm bath theory would be a good way to portray those within city life that feel oppressed at work and the idea of abandoned hope, using the artist influence of Tim Burton. I also think that this would be a good way of creating perspective with the amount of pressure and worry an adult has in comparison to a child.



Again linking this artist back with childhood with the use of Disney. The way Disney films has an effect within a child’s life and due to that, how would they see things? For example due to Disney princess films a child may look at Cardiff castle and believe that there must be a princess that needs saving. I think this could be something that as a group we could work and consider the influence and power that Disney has with children and how every parent will introduce their child to Disney.

An artist Matthew Wilkinson talks about the drug influences and references within some Disney films, this is something we as adults potentially know about but still continue to let our children watch. Carroll reflected upon situations during the time of Alice in wonderland, when in the 60’s drugs such as LSD were a big hit. I think the use of drug influences and Disney characters could be a good way of showing awareness from an adults perspective but in a child’s perspective keeping it as fun as this is something we keep from our children’s knowledge at a young age. Choices of colour and ways placing these characters within our work could influence on who our work has been based on.


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