Childhood Journey

Our aims for today in our group was to come up with our brief. Our brief would include an outcome, an idea and the contribution of each discipline (textiles and graphics).

To begin with our ideas we referred to each persons previous work of the last group project to discuss our similarities, however each persons work was all diverse. Mel looked into birds for migration, Erin looked into architecture, Shakia looked into signs and I had looked into the power of the government. So to address this we looked back into yesterdays collage and talked about what we liked most with links to the city and created a mind map (see sketchbook). As indicated that we had a happy theme throughout we found ourselves always referring back to this and seemed to be the one we were all mostly enthusiastic about.

What we all found enjoyable was snow whites seven dwarfs, from this we spoke about how many things are perceived in different ways from adults to children as well as stereotypes of how an adult should act, it is unlikely to see an adult skipping and jumping through town whereas this is completely normal for a child. (making references to the Haribo, Starburst and Andrex adverts) Linking this idea to aspirations in life, imagination and games seeing this almost as a journey through ages.

We then found that our basic theme was about a journey from childhood to adulthood. Combining all our stories and aspirations that we all had when we were younger as potential research and ideas to incorporate within our collaborative piece. However to limit ourselves to the time period we had decided to focus on the city and how a child may view the city in comparison to how an adult would, to portray this we thought of an animation or video.

Once we had set ourselves a theme we then created a list of all things we would like to achieve within a few days to then report back to each other what we had found. We decided that we were all going to find two artists each that have relevance to our topic to later exchange. I think this was a good idea for us because it will broaden our knowledge of different artists that possibly may help in the future and show us how we could create our collaborative piece with graphics influence. We all agreed to watch some cartoon or film to analyse and take notes of the child and adult like aspects throughout.

My personal research is to look into colours and textures and how these could be created within an animated digital piece. Shakia was to research psychological aspects between children and adults. Mel took interest in researching patterns. Erin is going to research various ways of creating an animation. We have all taken on different areas to research in the hope we will return with something varied, focusing on our strengths to help benefit ourselves but to also display and teach what we feel confident on to the rest of our group so they have a better/new understanding of our discipline.


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