Pecha kucha

Technology meets hidden city presentation

Group: Chole Trew, Holly Edwards, Courtney Suller, Siwan Jones and Hannah Middleton

During the Pecha kucha presentation I found myself nervous and because of this I began to trip over my words and think more about the timing of the slides. Next time I will practice more so I feel more confident and hopefully my confidence will show within my presentation.

The thing that I found most nerve-racking was the timing of the slides, for some slides I felt like I could talk loads about where as for others I felt I couldn’t say a lot. I think that next time I need to focus on the important details, for the slides that I could talk about more or I could perhaps prepare the order of my presentation slightly better so that if I do overlap, it has some relevance to the image projected. For the slides that I found harder, I think that I should analyse my work more in depth and perhaps talk about the processes and relevance.

Overall the feedback from my presentation was good. People had enjoyed the way I combined both hidden city and technology and you could see my train of thought going throughout the slide, but on the other hand I was told that I could elaborate some of my work and play around with more experimentation of colour and texture.


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