Field Group Project 2

As we are now beginning to join our new groups within field with people from all design aspects, today was about interacting with our groups and learning from the benefits of group work.

We began by getting into pairs (preferably with someone you don’t know and works within a different discipline) from this we had a drawing activity where we would draw using your group members hand whilst your hand was relaxed and then change throughout. Although this sounds easy it wasn’t. To fight the urge to draw when a pen is in your hand is hard, it is something that appears so natural, I also found it difficult that when the pen is in your hand and it is being controlled, naturally you want to go with the flow but you cant see in their head what they want to draw, I felt that this was a good way to begin conversation and work together because we could give each other directions/instructions as to what we wanted to draw. This was also a good way to gain patience to wait and see peoples ideas and perhaps they could benefit you within your discipline during field before you say no to something you may of had a bad experience from.

For our second activity we were all given five pieces of paper and from that we had to write down a noun, verb, adjective, genre and random word to do with our previous field group work. These all then got jumbled into five different hats, in which we all picked one from each hat to find that we had something completely different to what we had put in the hats. Once we had done this the next activity was to go with your partner to the library to find images of these words to later create a collage with all images combined.

My words: Crime, kinetic movement, pushing, steps and texture

IMG_20150302_210529Finally we reached to the end of the day where we began to start our collage but before, we joined another group to make a group total of 4.

Before getting straight into our collage we spoke about the words we had chosen and talked about why we chose these images to fit these words. For example I chose an image of escalators in London for kinetic energy. Specifically in London as London is primarily a busy and active place where all use of transport is needed. Escalators are used access more transport such as different tube stations. Soon after discussing what our images were about we began to think of a way to present our collage, whether it was ordered or scattered. We came to the decision that it was to have order but to diffuse all images and create a mini scene, as a lot of our images were ideal backgrounds, such as trees, buildings etc. we also had mentioned  it was like a new city with all of these chosen words that make up a city with its own dimension of a magical aspect, hence the snow white seven dwarfs. This was to represent the word magical.

The black and white theme was something that was suggested and I feel like it works well. I think it helps set the scene that we intended to create. Although it was all in one colour, it has shaded areas to show the different tones or density of certain images that you would see in real life and in colour. I feel that if it was all in colour, it may be to loud and not create this scene of new magical city that it appears to us.

What I enjoyed about these activities was that it was a good way to discuss various ideas of ways to portray a final piece (collage) to listen to each other and their personal ways of linking key words to various images/movements/stories. This is all preparation to our final collaborative piece and ways we can all influence and learn from one another, broaden our thoughts and initiatives.

Final Group : Mel Macdonalds, Erin Joynson-Evans and Shakia Thomas


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