USB prints

Thinking about a multiple ways I can display elements of technology, after doing some through stitch I began to think of some potential ways through print. With the intention of doing screen print I wanted to think outside of the box, from this I decided to print with the inside design of a USB stick.


In the first image I began with a simple colour such as black and then began to layer other colours over the top that I believe compliment each other. In this the colours I used were mustard yellow black and grey. Although I like these colours I think if I were to take this further I would use another colour, another yellow that would enhance the overall image, for example luminous yellow. Again I have included the lines to exemplify technology.

After playing around with USB printing, I wanted to think of a way of how I can combine the influence I have had with people but maintain how people are oblivious with the power of technology. I came to the conclusion that this had to be done in a subtle manner.

In the second image  I used a finger print and then layered over the top with technological influences and USB prints. I feel that the finger print was a good way of presenting this as it the message is there but it is not too much. However I do think that the finger print is not as clear as it could be. I think other printing methods would be a better to create this for example, a clear line drawing of a finger print that is then taken through to screen printing.

In the final image I took it slightly further and began to test it onto fabric, which didn’t work as well as anticipated. I think the reason for this was because I was using watercolours, I think if I was to use bricko print, the thickness of the paste would hold the design better. I also don’t think it worked as well as it could because once printed on fabric in comparison to the print on paper it looked untidy. Similarly to the finger print idea I think perhaps screen print would work better as screen print leaves thicker crisp lines. Also within this sample I did include an element of stitch with the straight lines. I feel that has succeed and these straight lines will be something I will continue within my collaborative piece.

My next intentions I have within print, is to print onto tin foil. This may work better on foil rather than it did on fabric, but to also screen print onto foil with my abstract influence of technology.


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