Combining and adding textures

Combining and adding textures was a way of me creating thick layers, maintaining my focus and it to remain as a textiles sample.


This small sample includes techniques of various straight line stitches, free machining, bobbin thread and felting.

In this sample I began with the background on the felting machine. I had decided that the colours I was going to use were going to be relatively dull but remain an element of life. After visiting the city center in Cardiff I am aware that the weather can be rather gloomy but in the same way people still continue their busy lifestyle, whether working or shopping. (focused within the center)

Once I had layered and carefully placed the felt work I then embellished over using a few techniques I had learn’t within my subject, such as sewing with thick bobbin thread. I thought this was another good way of adding texture but again keeping it slightly dark with the colour choice. The reason I had decided to include the bobbin thread was because it was away of combining a technology element I’ve been researching. The images I have focused on (inside design) consisted of lines and pattern, the bobbin thread it was a good way representing this. I also think that the cording foot and piping foot would be another way to represent this.

I think perhaps the cording foot may have worked better to create this idea because I feel that the bobbin thread could potentially be too much for a small sample and take away the focus of the people.  If this was a larger piece of work I feel it may have worked better because it wouldn’t appear so central and more pieces could be added, however at the same time inside design technology the detail is not all the same and sometimes does require various thickness of wires, lights, engraved lines etc.

The final touches to my sample was again to focus on my technology and control through people; to create this I free machined silhouettes over the top of my work, this was to symbolise crowds and energy that every city has whether the weather is bad or not. The basic straight lines were another way of representing technology, for them to go horizontally across the silhouettes it was my way of showing the control and power technology has on us but the silhouettes to remain visible shows that we are unaware of the control.

I feel that the straight stitched lines work better than if they were free machined because you have more control and straight lines over something that is unbalanced looks more defined. Also to me straight lines represent technology well because of the design and precision you must have to complete a working piece.


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