As suggested that I would continue the lines throughout this project, I have gone back to various ways I could display this within a collaborative piece. I have done this through using digital machine and a cording foot. Relating back to my felted people where I used the bobbin thread, I feel that after this the cording foot would be a better option for the future as the texture and design remains but is not too elaborate. I really like the combination of both the cording and the digital machine stitches. The digital stitches create that inside design that I am keen of,creating stitches fast, neat and precise. The cording also creates this but gives me the opportunity to incorporate multiple colours at once.

I think this sample works well on its own as a piece but an idea would to use these stitches for applique e.g applique on people. Equally these stitches could be used as a finishing touch on prints like the previous lines I have created within samples, the only difference these are more decorative. I think to use these stitches it could enhance the inside design motive and create an appealing, elegant piece instead of something that looks intense and heavy.


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