Power , Control and Technology

For my chosen theme of Power and technology I have decided it would be a good idea to look at the oppression of people in society and the certain sense of control through the government and technology. For example the government putting in place self scanners within your local supermarkets. This leads to an increase of unemployment and therefore benefit the bourgeoisie with masses of money and leave those who are unemployed at a disadvantage and as we are told through technology this is a good idea, we are then unaware of the control it has. This is the power and oppression I intend to represent within my work.

After doing some primary research of what I think builds up and makes a city. (the people) I began to take photographs of the people completing their day-to-day lifestyle in the city center. From these images I began to draw images of people/ crowds. After drawing people in a few ways I soon came to realise that people were going to be my main focal point.

To tye in the technology influences within the city I began to look further and think, what builds technology? What is it made from? and researched the inside design. I began by taking a few books out the library and visually seeing the layers and lines, lines that seemed to be an importance within almost every piece of inside technology I looked at. These were either wires or indented lines. I then looked at the inside of computers, phones, remotes, USB sticks etc.

As technology as got so much power and control over people,  I thought if I were to look at the inside design, it would be a nice way of turning this into a textiles piece but still addressing these issues within society.

As I now have my two main focal points I will now find a way to combine both technology and people together in textiles. From this I will look into colour themes from inside technology, various materials I could use whether it could be hard or soft, sewn on or printed. Using some of the finishing stitches I have been learning throughout subject.


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