Advanced stitches

During this term in stitch we have been exploring new techniques within stitch that complete and add finishing touches to a piece of work or final piece.

I have so far learn’t various techniques such as piping, can be known for the completion of cushions. cording, pin tucking etc. Learning these techniques have helped me look at different ways of adding texture and design to a sample and has also broaden my knowledge from things you can do on a sewing machine rather than just free machining.


In this sample I have used a range of advanced stitches on the digital machine. What I came to like about these machines is that although they appear very intimidating, you are left with more precise neat stitches.

The stitches here are chosen specifically in order with my chosen theme, power and technology. As i am beginning to look into the oppression of people within society and the control of technology over people. After research into the inside of technology to me these stitches symbolise machinery. In which as a nice way of displaying pattern through a textile piece.


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