What creates a city?

After given three topics to research with only one remaining to take further either Migrants, Power and technology and the hidden city. I began with mind mapping all the relevant links to each topic that will help me choose one to take on further.

I found that power and technology interlinked with the hidden city to a certain extent, for example if I were to choose a political side within power and technology I could relate it to the hidden city with the idea that we are controlled and controlled secretly in the way we live and construct our everyday working/social lives, with also technological aspects that technology also helps control our day-to-day lifestyle, with influences from television programmes and phone activity.

so to help make a final choice easier, I decided to ask myself ”what creates a city?” and from this I created yet another mind map with all my personal ideas and experiences of what I think makes a city and similarly I found that again this all interlinked with people. It is what I think makes a City, it is the people who bring the energy and personal different touches to each city.

This has made a vision clearer for me by defining what is a city in which I will now carry out primary research of people. This will include photographs and potential drawings that I can perhaps use within my subject workshops then from this I then hope it will lead me in the direction of what topic I will choose to carry out.


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