Paint and mark making

Wet on wet


The idea of these tasks were to experiment with the various marks you could make with simply just water and a paintbrush. In this i experimented with wet on wet where i would wet the paper with water and then drop on a small bit of colour and in this case it was either blue or yellow then watch the colour spread but remain in the puddle of water i created on paper beforehand.

What i enjoy about working in this way, is not knowing where the colour will spread and in some cases you would get shades of green where colours would mix, i liked this because it would compromise both the yellow and blue. I also like how there are different tones of the colours throughout, although there are prominently only two colours within this and can be considered perhaps ‘boring’ I still think it has potential to become something more for example bedding or pillow cases a subtle touch to a room. If i was to take this further i would develop and duplicate on Photoshop (duplicate the print) . What i like about this is that you don’t necessarily have to have an image to work from or too much thought in to something for it to become a piece of work.

 Liner and Angle Shader


For this it was just the simple task of getting to know your paintbrushes and with this i painted what i thought can be taken into prints. The brushes i used in these a liner and an angle shader. i used the angle shader for the yellow and the liner to create the lines and dots.

The way this has turned out reminds me of something that could be aimed at perhaps a younger generation with the illustrative effect. I think it is the bold colour and the simple yet busy element to it that makes me think that. However never the less i can use this in a sophisticated aspect and will contemplate using this within the Mothers of Africa blanket project.


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