Flowers and weeds

Free machining and Hand Embroidery

 DSC_0480After visiting the cathedral and drawing whatever attracts us, from the flowers i saw i took inspiration to then stitch a range of flowers and weeds, using both hand and machine embroidery.


The reason i chose to use machine embroidery for this sample is because i could fill blank spaces fast and through this i was able to add depth with colours and add different tones quickly recreating a realistic image of these weeds and flowers. However although this was a quicker way to complete the complexity of this sample i did not exclude hand embroidery and the reason i included this was because i found that some of the weeds and flowers i had chosen were to dainty, machine embroidery would have ruined this. I know that with hand embroidery you have more control. Some of the hand embroidery techniques I used were, French knots, Random stitch and Fern leaf.

At the beginning of this sample i began to draw the weeds on to my fabric to then free machine into. I began to free machine all in black thread and after i had completed almost half, i made the decision to unpick it all and start again. The reason for this was because my aim was to recreate a realistic stitched image, flowers in black did not do this. After unpicked i began to add colour. The colours used most frequently were green, at first i thought that the colour green may become over powering, which is when i made the decision to add subtle pinks and yellows to help break it up but keep the flowers as whole at the same time.

In this sample i do not like the way in some places the fabric has puckered, to avoid this happening again in any potential embroidery final piece, i will pull the fabric taught with an embroidery hoop as i know this is a risk that comes with machine embroidery if you do not use a hoop. As a whole i am happy with the way the machine embroidery has turnt out, but i do feel like that it is the hand embroidery that completes it as some places are raised and makes it more textual and within in my work i like to create texture.


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