Understanding colour

It is important to understand the significance and power of colour. Colour can reflect meaning, emotion and develop something so simple to something more exciting.

Artisits i have selected to look into during this colour workshop are, Byron Kim and Jasper Johns.

Byron Kim 

Synecdoche 1991

Oil and wax canvas



A work in progress of Byron Kim. This piece will eventually be continuous slabs of different skin tones. The work began just looking at the shade and tones of his family and friends then has slowly escalated to the shades of people he came across in the street.

What i like about his work is the various shades he has managed to record and portrays the physical difference between the people he has come across. i also like that from afar it looks as if it is a pixel image, it could potentially become a mosaic of peoples faces. I also find that this piece of work is able to allow your mind to see further than just black and white monochrome. However what i do find with this layout is that it looks as if there is repetition of the same shades but on the other hand if these slabs were to work in gradual i don’t feel as if the painting would be as interesting.


Jasper Johns

0-9 Colours


Jasper johnsWhat i particulary like about Jasper Johns work, is the mind set. i like how he tried to beat the idea of artists working with the same colours. To me it looks like to succeed in this idea the colours chosen should repel to then raise the question could it be artists don’t associate themselves with these colours because they don’t compliment? what i don’t like are the mixture of warm and cool colours i think this is because the way they are used, I think he could of kept the same mindset and portrayed the colours in a different way. i also think realistically once used these colours with that mindset, you will be associated with that colour palette.

From jasper Johns i have learn’t to see that its not necessarily what the colours, it can be the way they are presented that is how and who it appeals to.



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