How far can you take a piece of work?

After watching a short clip by Picasso we had to work in the way he did for a short task and the idea of this task was to see how far you could take a drawing until it was completely destroyed or had progressed. To what extent is a drawing or a piece of art work completed?

picasso bull

In this task i chose to draw a cat. I started off by a simple line drawing of cat and then gradually worked into it until what had begun as a cat was no longer recognisable. I found that in this task it was hard to get past that stage of what is a good drawing and further into my work until it was something could be considered as a piece of work.

My final outcome of this task was not how i had anticipated but similarly reminded me of a task i had previously worked on in my Foundation. The task was to paint a large canvas creating multiple layers of textures and patterns, i found that the more i added to it the more i disliked the work i was doing however after a continuous battle with something that would work i liked my final outcome i had took a similar aspect to Picasso and destroyed it by taking it further and working into it more.

I have learn’t from both tasks it helps to be free and open minded to the techniques you can use and not to be afraid of the lengths you can take your work.


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