Is Dada dead? or is Dada alive?

‘Why? who cares? who doesn’t care? is dada is dead? or is dada still alive? we cannot relive something that is alive, just as we cannot achieve anything that is dead.’

Man Ray 1958

What is a question? what is Man Rays point? Applying this theory to textiles to then decide whether Dada is alive or dead. I had found that this had lead to continuous questioning.

The Dada movement was about challenging art and taking away meaning and changing it to either irrational art or nonsense. Through a textiles perspective some techniques would suggest that Dada is still alive, for example free machining. what can be a continuous line can be piece of art. But on the other hand we discussed that art work is always good to have meaning behind it has it can develop opinions. Does this mean Dada is dead? however once again what can be something so simple and irrelevant to can raise opinions, or again is dada simply just non existent? our art work is sometimes based up inspirations and experiences which can be either subconsciously or consciously thinking about what we want to create therefore that must suggest that dada is both alive and dead? if we think we are not thinking about our work we are thinking about what are doing, subconsciously. It was also agreed that now art boundries have been pushed, we can take our work to what ever extent we wish and claim it is still art. Therefore Dada must still be alive.



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