A Makers Perspective

During this lecture i learn’t how to transform and extend a meaning of a piece of work. I learn’t how different techniques can add more value through sometimes the simplest forms.

What does the material do to change or extend your work?

For example through a textiles perspective to add colour within your work can change mood, which can then extend your work by intriguing people and inviting people to view your work and that can then later lead to various reactions.

Techniques can be a way to make a piece of work more personal to you.

This reminds me of a previous piece of work where i looked into hoarders and to create the confusion of a hoarders i used a range of colours and techniques such as print and stitch to extend my work. Similar to the artist Anne Gibbs who was inspired by collections and landscapes and tend to use everyday items to extend her work. I too used everyday items within my hoarders work to develop my work.

Techniques allow you to change the meaning of something so similar.


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